• Camel - Revolutionary Cigarette Brand

  • Camel, a premium blend of the finest quality tobaccos,

    Provides genuine smoking pleasure.


    Was introduced by American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco


    RJR created "Joe Camel" as the mascot for the brand.


    Reynolds Tobacco introduced Camel Turkish Gold


    Camel has sold over 4 trillion cigarettes.


    In 2013, Camel celebrated its 100th anniversary.

  • most flavorful way to enjoy Camel's distinctive blend 

    Finest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos.

    camel classic cigarettes

    Camel Classic

    Camel Classic cigarettes are the perfect cigarette for smoking. They provide a strong but natural tobacco taste and flavor

    camel white cigarettes

    Camel White

    The natural white filter ensures that you get the smoothest smoke whith delicious flavors.

    camel cigarettes

    Camel Blue

    The mild flavor makes Camel Blue the choice for smokers who prefer lighter cigarettes.

  • the Camels are coming!

    Before the manufacturer introduced Camel cigarettes, they publicized identical "teasers" in diverse magazines of 88 American cities. In the first day they posted an image of a camel followed by a message "CAMELS", the following day the message was broadened to "the Camels are coming!" and on the third day people were informed that "Tomorrow there will be more Camels in this city than in all Asia and Africa together. Already on the last fourth day the intrigued people were announced that "Camel cigarettes are here!" The fascinated audience hurried to purchase cigarettes.

    most well-known cigarette brands across the world

    Camel is one of the most well-known cigarette brands across the world, which is also referred to a genuine example of quality standard. Joshua Reynolds is the owner of the Camel trademark and the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Mr. Reynolds is known and respected not only as a successful businessman, but also as a talented tobacco industry marketer. The son of the Virginian tobacco grower he was the pioneer to mark each package of his chewing tobacco with decorative and appealing logos. Initially Reynolds Tobacco introduced 4 cigarette brands at one time and Camel was among them. The manufacturers did their best to make Camel's flavor and taste bring to mind the passionate nature of the Middle East among the Americans.

    Camel advertisements

    In the 20's ladies started to appear in the Camel advertisements. Numerous Hollywood starts and politicians gave preference to these cigarettes. During the World War Camel was marketed as cigarettes for soldiers, recalling them about home. In 1999 Reynolds Tobacco sold Camel brand to Japan Tobacco International.

    At present you can buy Camel cigarettes online, as it will save your time and money. Ordering cigarettes online is very easy and comfortable.

    dark Turkish tobaccos and the mild Virginian

    The premium mixture of the dark Turkish tobaccos and the mild Virginian ones matched diverse and sometime too pretentious smokers’ preferences. So, this revolutionary blend became known as "American Blend" and is currently considered the world standard for the entire tobacco industry. Reynolds spend a large sum of money on Camel advertisement campaign to present a new hero "Old Joe", an Arabian camel from the renowned "Barnum and Bailey Circus". Gradually Old Joe turned into the most favorite and famous animal ever before.

  • Camel Crush

    Camel Crush is an R. J. Reynolds Camel cigarette product that contains a capsule in the filter that, when crushed, releases a mentholated liquid that causes the smoke to be menthol flavored. When the tobacco smoke passes through this liquid-saturated filter, it gives it a menthol taste. The cigarette was released in the United States on August 25, 2008. The brand is known as Camel Activate in the European markets.

    camel crush cigarettes

    We Care About People

    Camel Crush is a customizable cigarette that contains a small blue menthol capsule within the filter. Squeezing the filter bursts the menthol capsule, transforming a regular cigarette into a menthol cigarette in a matter of moments.

    camel new life

    We're Always Listening

    Camel is one of the three most popular cigarette brands among youth smokers, with 15 percent preferring Camel. Camel Crush Bold features a menthol capsule in the filter that releases the flavour when squeezed by smokers.

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    Nicotine volume: 0.5 mg

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    Camel Black


    Number of packs: 10

    Tar volume: 6.0 mg

    Nicotine volume: 0.5 mg

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    Number of packs: 10

    Tar volume: 8.0 mg

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